Facebook Post CH Auction at Melrose
June 01, 2018

Gilley's Gallery is proud to feature "The Auction at Melrose", a painting by Clementine Hunter. The Auction at Melrose occurred in June 1970 after the passing of Miss Cammie Henry, matriarch of Melrose Plantation. Clementine Hunter attended the auction and later translated her memories into paintings. She painted this scene numerous times, each unique. One of the prized items for sale was the framed 1836 portrait of Augustin Metoyer, the founder of the oldest church in the United States for free people of color. Clementine Hunter paints Augustin's portrait, along with plantation furniture, a quilt and a painting created by her. It is commonly thought that Clementine Hunter painted herself in this scene. Enjoy the video and contact the gallery if you have any questions!