Stephen Kimball

Stephen  Kimball



Stephen Kimball was a Louisiana plein air painter educated at Louisiana State University, Louisiana College, Utah State University and University of Utah. He primarily worked in oil, acrylic, pen & ink, charcoal and pencil. Kimball also received private instruction from Earl Jones, A.D. Shaw, Charles Sovek, and George Strickland (past president of Plein Air Painters of America), all prominent plein air painters. 

About his artwork Kimball said, "I knew early in my life that I wanted to become an artist. My mother was instrumental in teaching me what she knew about drawing, always encouraging me. My philosophy of life and art remains constant in simplicity, in truth and in work. My ethic is rooted in the discipline of painting; where there and only there upon the canvas can my visions become reality."

Kimball's work has been shown in numerous exhibits at museums and galleries such as, McKissick Museum of Art, Alexandria Museum of Art, Gallery Square (Texas), River Oaks Art Center and many more. Kimball remarked that, "My roots are deep here in the southland of Louisiana. I love these trees, the vines, the gentle winds that pass through the dreamscapes of my mind and then my work."

Sadly, Stephen Kimball passed away in November of 2018. A longtime friend and supporter of the artist described him this way, "in addition to being a talented artist he was a gentle, kind person with little sign of an ego.  There were times when being an artist was a struggle, but he always said it was worth it to be able to paint." 

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Died: November 2018