John James Audubon

Migratory Squirrel_ John James Audubon_ Quadrupeds_ lithograph_ print_ fine art - John James Audubon

Migratory Squirrel Plate XXXV

Engraving with Aquatint  
6.5 x 10 in

The Quadrupeds of North America


The small quadrupeds were published in octavo size just as the birds, but for the first time, the name of Audubon's son, John W., appeared on many of the plates. J.T. Bowen was the lithographer, but about seventeen of the plates in volume one were lithographed by Nagel and Weingaertner of New York. A number of artists, chiefly William E. Hitchcock and R. Trembly, transferred the images to the stones, signing their names to the plates in the process. About two-thousand copies of the first edition were sold. Four other editions followed, the last in 1870. These three-volume sets, as with the seven volumes of birds, were used as gifts to foreign governments by the U.S. government. The plates measure about seven by ten inches in size, and they are hand-colored.

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