Ed Pramuk



Born in Akron, Ohio in 1936, Edward Pramuk is an abstract expressionist painter whose work has been exhibited across the country. Pramuk began his artistic studies at the Akron Art Institute, where he studied painting, drawing, and printmaking. Afterwards, he did his Masters work at Kent State University, with a year of further studies at Queens College.

Though he worked as an abstract painter for years, Pramuk's work shifted towards figuration around 1980. Soon thereafter, his works were shown in exhibitions at the prestigious First Street Gallery in Manhattan. Furthermore, several paintings from this period were selected for the Artists Choice Museum show.

Besides his career as an artist, Pramuk taught painting, drawing, and printmaking at Louisiana State University for thirty-five years. In 2000, he retired as professor emeritus.

Today, Pramuk continues to exhibit work with themes from the rich natural landscape of the Gulf Coast.

Additional Information:

Born: 1936
Website: http://www.edwardpramuk.com/