Associated American Artists



In 1934, the Associated American Artists was created in an effort to bring affordable fine art to the general American public. These limited edition prints were often sold for as little as five dollars. Primarily, the prints were etchings and lithographs and were produced in editions ranging from 125 to 250 impressions. This unique arrangement offered a degree of freedom to these artists, whose work often reflected the social ideas of the era, which was dominated by the Great Depression. Between the years of 1934 and 1945, the organization published just over 600 limited-edition prints. To further their goal of accessibility, the association reached an agreement with 50 department stores across the nation. One of the most innovative aspects of the Associated American Artists was their ingenious use of marketing. When new prints were completed, advertisements were run in newspapers and magazines that targeted a wide range of audiences.

Information via the Archives of American Art.