Clementine Hunter


The Auction at Melrose, 1970

Oil on Artist Board  
18 x 24 in

In this painting, Clementine Hunter is recalling the auction that took place at Melrose Plantation in June of 1970. The dawn of the 70's marked the end of Melrose Plantation as a working Plantation. The house, previously owned by the Henry family since 1884, was sold and eventually donated to the Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches. People from all over attended the auction to bid on items from the historic Melrose Plantation. Some of the items depicted here are various pieces of furniture including an armoire, a dresser as well as other implements of plantation life. Clementine was keen to include several of her own works like the painting of zinnias on the left and the large quilt in the top right. There, in the middle of the painting next to the African House is the large portrait of Augustin Metoyer, It was purchased at the auction by the Isle Breville community. It still hangs in the nearby St. Augustine Catholic Church.


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