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As Outsider Art continues to grow in popularity, it also continues to diversify within itself, and Louisiana outsider artist Willie Willie is a testament to that fact. Over the past eight years, Willie has transformed his life of working in the chemical emissions of Baton Rouge's industrial district into a life of doing what he wants. "I'm finally leading an artist's life," he says. "I consider myself a contemporary outsider."
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Mixed Media (21-works)

Willie  Willie Iris on Wood
Iris on Wood
24 x 20.5 in
Willie  Willie Face on a Saw
Face on a Saw
8 x 30 in
Willie  Willie Egret on Wood
Egret on Wood
38 x 14 in
Willie  Willie Ms Elli woman on linoleum
Ms. Elli (woman on linoleum)
17.75 x 10.75 in
Willie  Willie 3 Red Flowers on Copper
3 Red Flowers on Copper
14 x 19.5 in
Willie  Willie 3-D Copper Face
3-D Copper Face
11.25 x 12 in
Willie  Willie Flat Top
Flat Top
Willie  Willie Happy Dancing Shovel Head
Happy Dancing Shovel Head
Willie  Willie Multicolored Face on Whitewash
Multi-colored Face on Whitewash
21.5 x 9.5 in
Willie  Willie Spade Head
Spade Head
Willie  Willie Unpainted Mask_ Willie Willie_ mixed media_ metal
Unpainted Mask
15 x 34 in
Willie  Willie 3 Blue Bird on Yellow Background
3 Blue Bird on Yellow Background
34.5 x 15 in
Willie  Willie 3-D Pink Face
3-D Pink Face
5 x 21 in
Willie  Willie Blue Face_ Red Shirt
Blue Face, Red Shirt
9 x 30 in
Willie  Willie Blue Flowers on White Background
Blue Flowers on White Background
28.5 x 11 in
Willie  Willie Flowers in the Rain
Flowers in the Rain
Willie  Willie Green Shovel Face
Green Shovel Face
Willie  Willie Shovel Face
Shovel Face
Willie  Willie Somber Dude
Somber Dude
12.75 x 14.75 in
Willie  Willie Shovel_ Steel Pipe
Steel Pipe Face
Willie  Willie White Egret
White Egret
12 x 28.5 in




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